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ellen vasiliauskiene realtorMy name is Ellen Vasiliauskiene and I’m the Managing Broker at Amber Realty Inc. I have started my Real Estate career in 2002.

I remember my managing broker’s speech in one of the first sales meetings, saying that the interest rates have dropped so low (it was 6.5 then) that everybody would want to buy, so we’d better be ready to serve those eager buyers.

Well, the rates kept falling, and in a few months, they were below 4.

He was right, there were tons of people, who wanted to fulfill their American dream and become homeowners.

My first year in Real Estate I was working without any days off, without any vacations, super long hours, driving 50,000 miles, and successfully closing 23 transactions with the 1st time buyers. I had no funds available to advertise myself, so all of my clients were referred by my happy clients.

I fell in love in Real Estate business form my first steps but wanted to learn more, therefore, I decided to get my broker’s license, and signed up for GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute). The knowledge received through all those years in the Institute has helped me build a successful career in Real Estate.

I decided to open my own brokerage in 2005. The name “Amber Realty” was chosen due to my Lithuanian roots. Amber was called “a Baltic gold”, and it was found on the coast of Baltic sea. I remembered my childhood when visiting my aunt, who lived close to the sea. We used to walk miles by the seashore, looking for the sea treasures. Amber has always been a piece of warmth, pride, and value to me.

2008 Real Estate crash had given an opportunity for me to change, to learn something new, to “reconfigure” my thinking. I was still working hard, but my clients were not able to close, because the lending regulations kept changing, and by the time they’d have to close, they would no longer qualify.

I started providing broker price opinion (BPO) reports to the institutional clients to help meet the ends. That led me to the new opportunities in listing Real Estate Owned (REO) properties. Having closed over a thousand REO properties, I’ve gained an invaluable experience of getting any house sold.

I treated my institutional clients the same way I treated any of my clients. The main goal was getting the top dollar in the shortest time possible for my client.

If the house was beautiful-great-I’d market and expose its best features, if the house was “tired”, I’d help my client bringing it to “beautiful” condition, then market its best features.

Sometimes the “tired” houses would need good cleaning, staging, landscaping, some repairs, but sometimes, it would need a major rehab. In either situation, I’d be my out of State client’s “boots on the ground”, inspecting the quality of work, updating the client with photos, overseeing the work being done, until it’s done to perfection.

The best compliment I have received from the buyers and fellow Real Estate brokers that my bank owned listings did not look like “bank owned” listings at all.

Since the Real Estate market rebounded, I have started listing regular retail listings as well. It’s been at true joy helping sellers achieve the best market condition and getting the top dollar in selling pieces of their lives and often- their biggest investments.

Today I am glad to have a team of great professionals who share the same vision of serving our clients and making the Real Estate dream come true!

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